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10 Woko Street, North Kellyville NSW 2155, a house sold in Oct 2021

Last updated on 10th Nov 2021

Are you a homeowner looking to sell in North Kellyville? Property selling process can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention downright challenging. Having the right information at your fingertips is vital. That's why we've put together this list of the most common real estate questions people have about selling property.  Using the latest North Kellyville NSW 2155 property market data, these are the questions our sellers in North Kellyville have been asking us the most, and we've answered them as best as we can.

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​Frequently Asked Question when
Selling Property in North Kellyville?

Question: What is the most common property type in North Kellyville?

Answer: The most common property in North Kellyville is a standalone four-bedroom house.

Question: How is the property market in October 2021?

Answer: The North Kellyville property market in September 2021 is performing well.

The median price for October is $1,550,000, and it is a 42.26% increase compared with October last year of $1,089,500 and a similar median price compared to the previous month.

Question: What factor in location affects selling price?

Answer: Buyers looking to buy properties in North Kellyville value properties close to either schools, shopping centres or bus stops.

Question: Do the number of bedrooms affects selling price?

Answer: Yes, properties that have more bedrooms generally sell with a higher selling price in North Kellyville.

Currently for 2021, the median for a three-bedroom house is $1,315,000, for a four-bedroom house is $1,350,000 and for a five-bedroom is $1,620,000.

Question: How long does it take to find a buyer for my house?

Answer: You need to use average days on the market. The average number of days on the market for a house in North Kellyville is 40 days. However, this number also includes the cooling-off period, typically ten business days (14 days). By excluding the cooling-off period on average, 26 days are needed to find a buyer.

If you have more bedrooms, it will take longer to sell. For 2021, a three-bedroom house takes the shortest time on the market (average of 15 days), followed by a four-bedroom (average of 39 days) and a five-bedroom house (average of 43 days).

Question: Auction vs private treaty?

Answer: To auction or not in North Kellyville will depend on your property type, competition and the market demand. Most properties were sold by private treaty, and 43.03% were sold by auction. However, the auction clearance rate in North Kellyville is 79.23% which is on the high side, indicating buyers are used to the auction process in North Kellyville.

Question: When is the best time to sell?

Answer: The peak real estate selling month with the most house sold for North Kellyville is in July, and the lowest is in January, based on the average of three years.

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29 Wither Road, North Kellyville NSW 2155 - sold by Irving Ray White

Raymond & Ella
House Sellers
North Kellyville
NSW 2155

"Best Real Estate Agent Ever"

Irving is a very hard working real estate agent first of all. He always comes down to my place when there is an issue to discuss, even if we live far away from his home and office. He is the most responsive sales agent I've ever met. Open homes were done twice a week from day one till the day it was sold, with a professional report being sent to me every week. Unlike other sales, Irving can always help me when a sticky situation happens instead of giving me pressure. Relax style of communication makes me feel like talking to a friend but not a sales rep. I will recommend him to any of my friends and families.

24 Timbarra Ave, North Kellyville  NSW 2155 - sold by Irving Ray White

House Seller
North Kellyville
NSW 2155

"Great Selling Experience"

I recently had the pleasure of working with Irving Gunawan, an associate of Ray White, Kellyville, who undertook the task of selling my home. A few weeks on the market and Irving managed to secure the sale of my home in North Kellyville. I want to thank Irving and congratulate him on the way he handled the whole selling process, his professionalism, and, more importantly, the comfort he gave me in his ability to achieve a good outcome. Thank you, Irving.

7 Winning Street North Kellyville NSW 2155 unit sold by Irving Ray White

Unit Seller
North Kellyville
NSW 2155

"He was very professional and knowledgeable real estate agent"

When we were struggling to sell our home on our own, my wife and I decided to switch real estate agents. We found Irving by researching online, and after reading his reviews, we thought he sounded like the perfect agent for us. He made the process of selling our unit easy. We had tried to sell before with another agent but could not sell the unit until Irving helped us. The selling process was made simpler because he took care of everything for us. Now we can focus on our future home with no more worries!

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