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Last updated on 3rd Nov 2021

Are you a homeowner looking to sell in Stanhope Gardens? Property selling process can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention downright challenging. Having the right information at your fingertips is vital. That's why we've put together this list of the most common real estate questions people have about selling property.  Using the latest Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768 property market data, these are the questions our sellers in Stanhope Gardens have been asking us the most, and we've answered them as best as we can.

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​Frequently Asked Question when
Selling Property in Stanhope Gardens?

Question: What is the most common property type in Stanhope Gardens?

Answer: The most common property in Stanhope Gardens is a standalone four-bedroom house part of Newbury Estate.

Question: How is the property market in October 2021?

Answer: The property market in October 2021 is performing well.

The median price for October is $1,300,000, and it is a 32% increase compared with October last year of $983,666 and an 8% increase from the previous month.

Question: What factor in location affects selling price?

Answer: Buyers looking to buy properties in Stanhope Gardens value properties close to either Stanhope Village Shopping centre or have easy access to public transport, such as bus stops with express city busses or Kellyville Metro Station.

Question: Do the number of bedrooms affects selling price?

Answer: Yes, properties that have more bedrooms generally sell with a higher selling price.

For 2021, the median price for a three-bedroom house is $1,025,000, a four-bedroom house is $1,250,000 and for a five-bedroom is $1,574,990.

Question: How long does it take to find a buyer for my house?

Answer: You need to use median days on the market. The median number of days on the market for a house in Stanhope Gardens is 22 days. However, this number also includes the cooling-off period, typically ten business days (14 days). By excluding the cooling-off period, approximately one week is needed to find a buyer.

For 2021, a four-bedroom house takes the shortest time on the market (median of 19 days), followed by a three-bedroom (median of 20 days) and a five-bedroom house (median of 36 days).

Question: Auction vs private treaty?

Answer: To auction or not in Stanhope Gardens will depend on your property type, competition and demand. Most properties in Stanhope Gardens were sold by private treaty, and only 16.24% were sold by auction. However, the auction clearance rate in Stanhope Gardens is 74.42% which is on the high side, indicating that the auction can work here though it is not the common selling method.

Question: When is the best time to sell?

Answer: The peak real estate selling month with the most house sold for Stanhope Gardens is in November, and the lowest is in August, based on the average of three years.

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Reviews from Stanhope Gardens house sellers
about selling with Irving

Colin & Phoebe, House Sellers Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768

Colin & Phoebe
House Sellers
Stanhope Gardens
NSW 2768

I’m impressed by Irving’s professionalism and his ability as a top real estate agent. Irving made detailed research on the current market and provided us with a reasonable price range our house may have. It helped us to make a wise decision when receiving offers.

Irving is very responsible. He always made time to keep us updated during that period, like how many groups came at the 1st open day and how much they offered.

So I would like to recommend him to be your agent and with his help, your house will be sold for a great price.

Kerran & James 
House Sellers 
Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768

Kerran & James
House Sellers
Stanhope Gardens
NSW 2768

Irving was always kind and quick to respond to our requests. He has all the local knowledge of recent sales around our area and realistic expectations for our home.

Irving is completely dependable, always truthful, and genuinely enthusiastic about his work. Irving never let anything bother him. Throughout the entire sales campaign, he was constantly striving to suit our needs.

We're extremely delighted with the results and that we went with Irving to sell our home. He will forever be a friend to us. He comes highly recommended by me!

Vania & Shane 
House Sellers 
Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768

Vania & Shane
House Sellers
Stanhope Gardens
NSW 2768

Irving is honest, caring and understanding. The selling process can be quite stressful, and it was especially so for us as we had lived in our house for 21 years, but Irving was always there to calm our nerves and assure us that all would work out. He was diligent about bringing only the right buyers to see the house. With his help we found the perfect people to live in our beloved home and got our price.

Thank you Irving for your patience and knowledge. We really got to know you well and gained not just an excellent real estate agent, but a lifelong friend.

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